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Confidential Investigative Services was licensed in 1986 as one of Central Florida's Leading Full Service Investigative Agencies. It was formed in early 1984 by Robert M. Jenkins, who retired from the United States Marine Corps, after over 22 years of faithful service. Now, a Florida Licensed Private Investigator with the concept that all investigations for clients were to meet their needs and desires and to fulfill the void that is missing in their quest for information and services. C.I.S. has provided this service in a most professional manner for the past 26 years. C.I.S. provides a wide range of investigative skills with a number of investigators, both male and female who are knowledgeable in all fields of investigations throughout Florida and a vast part of the United States. With contact to Investigators Nationwide, C.I.S. gives the same professional services that a client would receive in their own hometown or city.

This agency is not inexpensive.  All prospective clients should take a close look and evaluate the specifics of their situation. If you desire a basic, no frills cursory investigation, we can direct you to your local yellow pages where there are multiple agencies more than qualified to handle your case for less.

However, if your situation requires the utmost discretion; investigators that are extraordinary in the field; an absolute veil of secrecy; digital images with enhanced clarity and a comprehensive review of our findings, then perhaps this agency should be retained for your situation. If you want the results your willing to pay for. Rest assured, you can depend on us.


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Criminal investigation is an area that we mainly provide investigative information/research data to attorneys or major law firms. There are times when the public find themselves in a criminal situation and need the help of an investigator to assist the attorney in resolving their issues and to be on their defense team. These investigators work hand in hand with your attorney to bring about the best defense on your behalf. Law Enforcement has investigators to seek incriminating information for your prosecution. WHY should you not have the same investigative ability to defend yourself or to insure that the information coming from the law enforcement prospective is true and correct.


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This area of investigations is the most common. It is where you, as an individual want to know about the activities of a loved one or even an employee, where this information gives you peace of mind as to their welfare or for your own personal safety for a new person coming into your business or life.



C.I.S. helps the client find a direction that they may follow in this area. Civil investigations become more common each day. For the most part society has layed down their sticks and clubs and has started going to court. Court action seems to do more damage than physical confrontations.This area of investigations will give the client or the untrained individual seeking information in the areas which we can provide the information you request in order to better protect yourself against civil suit or other legal, but not criminal matters.




Insurance/Workers Compensation Fraud is probably the largest fraudulent loss in the business industry today. There are other methods of Fraud, but with the soaring medical costs and loss of manpower for normal medical needs, this just highlights the abuse even more. The far reaching results can be minor, like less productivity, honest workers having to cover the workload, ending with enormous insurance premiums, even to the point of closing your business. C.I.S. is a member of the National Association of Fraud Investigators and has Fraud Investigators with experience in many areas of Workmans Compensation, Company Loss and Business Fraud.



PERSONAL AND BUSINESS ELECTRONIC PROTECTION (Electronic Surveillance & Countermeasures)

Am I being bugged? If one thinks that when they receive or make a telephone call at home,or on an office phone, cellular phone or even a pager that no one is listening, you are very much mistaken. Today the field of electronic surveillance is very much in demand and is quite often used. This invasion of privacy is not only in some cases a crime, it destroys your basic foundation of freedom of activity and in the manner in which you do business. C.I.S. is extremely experienced in the field of covert electronic surveillance and its countermeasures. We are very informative as to where the law lies in your ability to use visible or covert electronic surveillance and are able to detect and debug any that may be implemented against you. If your pledged with Company Pilferage, Employee Theft and or Vandalism, C.I.S. has a better answer for you.




C.I.S. is a member of the National Association of Bail Enforcement Agents, Inc. and the Florida Surety Agents Association, Inc. C.I.S. has a Bail Recovery Team of highly trained agents in the field who are knowledgeable in the legal and physical aspects of Bail Recovery and the Uniform Criminal Extradition Act. The State of Florida does not recognize anyone to make a Bail arrest in this State unless they are a licensed Surty Agent. C.I.S. now has a licensed Surty Agent who works with several Bonding Agencies within the State of Florida, and actively searches for individuals who have skipped bail from this state. C.I.S. will work with states other than Florida, when assistance is requested from an out of state Bail Bondsman.




The days of sunglasses, dark suits, muscles, being 6'8", 380 pounds and the master of every martial arts known to mankind today is not true executive protection. Executive Protection today, regardless of the difference in physical stature or gender is achieved in one word, "ability". Defining this means the ability to assimilate a large amount of confidential information for the benefit of the client as well as the ability to work with a proactive mind set for the purpose of minimizing any risk or inconvenience concerning the clients welfare. The ability to think on your feet, make contact, be diplomatic and function calmly in the most stressful of environments. C.I.S. has executive protection trained personnel, both male and female who can fit within this executive profile.




C.I.S. now uses “VIPRE” the newest technology in truth verification, used by Law Enforcement all over the United States. Our Advanced Certified Examiners have proven track records of finding the truth in all situations.   C.I.S. uses the guidelines set down by the “Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988”, Public Law 100-347-June 27, 1988 when dealing with employees and employers. There are strict guidelines that must be followed when dealing with business. However, when it comes to the private sector, there are no laws involved with the VIPRE, other than the individuals consent to be examined. There are truly an unlimited number of areas that the truth verification unit can be used.




Illegal Drug use in the United States today has come to the stage of epidemic proportion. C.I.S. now offers private and confidential Drug screening in the privacy of your home or office. Know that the people around you, both in your home and work place are drug free and safe. C.I.S. is a member of the International Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association and as such professes a zero tolerance towards Drugs and Substance Abuse.



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" The law is an expression of the will of the community. All citizens have a right to concur, either personally or by their representives, in its formation. It should be the same to all, whether it protects or punishes; and all being equal in its sight, are equally eligible to all honours, places, and employments, according to their different abilities, without any other distinction than that created by their virtues and talents. "

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